If you're a debtor, creditor, or garnishee, read my blog for more information before you make any decisions that could impact your finances, business, or future.

  • Fast, accurate, timely garnishment review.

  • Thousands of garnishments reviewed and approved.

  • Save time and money by hiring a local attorney.


Collections is a volume-based business. Both collections and PI work are also accuracy-based businesses; transfer of information is crucial, so it is vital that the information be precise and correct. You also need your garnishments reviewed, approved, and signed as soon as you can produce them. Your business lives and dies on the speed you can send out garnishments...but taking them to the courthouse to be approved delays your garnishments and sinks your bottom line. The court charges $45.00 (as of 2018) just to approve one single garnishment, and that's before you've absorbed the cost of an employee's entire afternoon and changing your garnishments around to meet the precise specifications of each individual court.

Instead, choose a local lawyer. As an officer of the court, lawyers may authorize garnishments on your behalf.

Instead of just any lawyer, choose Rachel; I have experience reviewing, approving, and signing garnishments for both collections and PI firms. I know how to pay individual attention to each of your garnishments, eliminate your backlog, and keep you current. I will save you time and money by making sure your garnishments match their judgments to minimize your risk of being sued. As an editor with a close eye for detail, I will check for typos and common mistakes.

You want your garnishments returned fast. You want them to be accurate. You want to avoid legal repercussions. Hire me and you'll get all of this for a great value. 


Update: Currently reviewing garnishments for several companies in the Portland, OR area, but I still have openings. If you need garnishments reviewed and signed or you have any questions about my services, please use the Contact page.


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