• Experienced, professional editor.
  • Wide range of competency.
  • Will stay true to your intent while increasing the effectiveness of your document. 

I've been an editor for over a decade, and I have an English degree from Kenyon College. I've edited everything; articles, essays, novels, textbooks, poems, blog posts, websites, judicial opinions, all kinds of legal writing, and thesis papers. Whatever I edit will be better when I return it; I copy-edit, yes, but I also read for flow and feel. What is the intent of your document? Does it accomplish what you wanted it to? I make sure there's no oddly-worded sentences that stop a reader's momentum or obscure your meaning.

I'm fair, but I'll be diplomatic about it. I'm not going to insult you or make you feel you're less of a writer. Everyone makes mistakes, but if I edit your documents before you send them out, those mistakes won't have a negative impact on your reputation. 

Experienced Eye for Detail