• Accurate class finding for small classes at less than half the cost of retaining a major service. 
  • Simplify your class-finding process. 
  • Three years of experience. 

When you're working on a class action case and the judge rules that you're allowed to start notifying your class, your first step has to be locating that class. Whether you have to convince the court that the defendant should pay for the class finding or pay for it out of pocket, it's best when the service is priced reasonably. For a large, nationwide case, you'll end up having to hire a big company. That company will deploy a whole team to do the research, managers to manage the team, and people to manage the team managers. They have to spend massive amounts of money licensing programs, and lots of time training people who might not have any research experience. For a small class, simplify; hire me, instead. I can find your small classes (2,500 or less) for less time and a lot less money than a large company.

My class finding operation is stripped down and frill-free. You provide the account access to CLEAR or PeopleMap and whatever specifics you have on your class (names, DOBs, old addresses, SSNs, etc.), and I will use my expertise with these systems to find the most likely current address for each of your class members.

You want someone who knows the programs they are working with. My years of experience with Thomson Reuters' CLEAR and PeopleMap programs means I know which sources are most trustworthy, which leads to follow, and how to do both broad-stroke and precision searching. I am a consummate researcher and an efficient class-finder. 


Reasonable and Frill-Free