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Rachel is a passionate writer and fastidious lawyer whose talents and interests have earned her several awards and academic accolades. She has been a featured performance poet and has had her poetry published by literary journals and magazines around the country. Personable and down to earth, Rachel enjoys connecting with her clients and fellow lawyers, creating lasting relationships that benefit the community at large.

An accomplished artist of form, word, and sound, Rachel excelled in theater and creative writing from an early age. This passion continued through high school in Wellesley, MA where she worked on stage shows, founded a poetry club, and both wrote and edited for various publications. Her college years saw her reaching out into radio and comedy, while a love for the law began to blossom. She received her bachelor of arts degree in English with a Concentration in Creative Writing at the prestigious Kenyon College in Gambier, OH, before moving to Portland, OR in 2010 to pursue her legal education. She was an active member of the community at Lewis and Clark Law School, where she administered student groups, edited a monthly student publication, and became heavily involved in slam poetry and with the slam poetry community, both locally and nationally. After passing the Bar, she went on a small featured poetry tour of Washington state.

Since graduation and licensure, Rachel has focused her unique skill set on projects that require superlative English and legal skills. Specializing in assisting other lawyers with drafting and editing legal documents, doing research, and organization, Rachel is always up for a challenge. She recently earned a Project Management Certificate at Portland State’s Center for Executive and Professional Education.