How to Make Sure I Can Sign Your Garnishments

So we've negotiated rates, volume, and delivery method of your garnishments. Now you want to know; how do I make sure I'm sending garnishments she can sign? Because of course, time is money (especially when it comes to garnishments!), so the faster I can get them signed and returned to you the better, and that the quickest way to expedite that process is to make sure you've sent me everything I need to legally sign them.


So what goes into all that? The first thing is sending the right documents; the Writ of Garnishment itself, the debt calculation, and the judgment the Writ is based on. I'm flexible about whether you send me a judgment or an e-court docket, but no matter which one you send me, they must include the following elements;


            1) creditor and debtor names

            2) date of judgment

            3) amount of judgment


Remember, the judgment amount on e-court dockets isn't always on the first page, and sometimes includes some of the fees. My preference is for whichever document shows me all of the award and fee amounts separately, which allows me to very rapidly check it against your debt calculation.


Yes, I will check the judgment against the debt calculation. I expect any set of garnishment documents sent to me to be correct, but everyone makes a mistake every once in a while, so it's good to have an extra set of eyes to avoid getting sued.


That brings me to my next point; make sure the Writ and debt calculation pages match the judgment! I can't sign anything with an error in it, so I'll have to send it back to you for correction and then you'll have to get it back to me again. Everything is quicker if we don't have to re-do steps, so double-check your math before you send anything over.


Last but not least, I only sign Oregon garnishments. Bring on garnishments from any and all Oregon counties, but nothing from out of state.


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How to Get Me to Sign Your Garnishments

You might be wondering, once you and I have negotiated rates and volume, what happens next? You need my physical signature on your documents, so how do you get your unsigned garnishments to me, and how do you get them back? How do you make sure I can sign them and get them back to you quickly and easily?


Well, you can connect me and the garnishments in one of three ways; digitally, by courier, or in-house.

            Digitally - You can e-mail me your writs, debt calculations, and judgments. I will review them all, and if everything looks good, I will print the signature pages of the writs and debt calculations, sign them, and snail-mail them back to you. You'll pay for the postage and a minimum cost for envelopes, and USPS will do its thing. I do my best to get as many signature pages as I can into one envelope, so you'll get maximum value for that postage cost.


            By Courier - People in the legal services business often have process servers or other couriers on-call. You can let me know someone is coming and send your courier to my address (which I will provide you) with all of your writs, debt calculations, and judgments, and I will sign the appropriate signature pages and let you know when someone can come pick them up. The courier costs are on you, so this is a great option if you already have someone on payroll.


            In-House - If you've got a large bulk of garnishments for me to sign (hundreds or thousands per month) and your office is in the Portland metro area, we can set up a time for me to come to your office and do the signing in person. I can come in once or twice a week and go through your stacks of prepared garnishments all at once. This is a great option for debt-collection agencies, because it's very efficient!


Which method works best for you? I'm flexible, and I already have clients that utilize each of these methods. Feel free to ask me questions, and if your volume changes, we can always switch from one method to another and back again. 


Want to talk to me about signing garnishments for your company? Send me a message via my contacts page, or email me at